About The Author

12376829_10201259928777174_2349966472000734420_nThe College TV Guide is the work of, or more accurately, a large-scale online brain dump by, Jasper Pike (Pictured Left).

Jasper is a sophomore Media Analytics major at Elon University. He is dedicated student of popular culture, or at least he claims to be. According to numerous pleas for control of the TV remote, his frequent Netflix marathons are more than an excuse to watch his favorite How I Met Your Mother episodes again, but rather genuine attempts to boost his knowledge of the field.

Jasper’s studies of popular culture extend past his comfy couch cushion though, he has worked numerous internships in the entertainment field in the past few years. Though he gained valuable experience through these jobs, perhaps the fact Jasper is most proud of is that three internships into his young career in entertainment, he has yet to be sent on a coffee run.

Jasper further immerses himself into pop culture through his TV blog, which he updates monthly with long-winded, over-thought, TV analysis. Whether this blog came out of a genuine interest in writing, or was another thinly veiled attempt to classify watching How I Met Your Mother as a productive use of a time is unknown. Whatever the case may be, Jasper is looking forward to further exploration of this passion in the future.

Jasper is incredibly proud of The College TV Guide, and he hopes it can help mold a few more students of pop-culture in his image.

Anyone looking to get in contact with Mr. Pike can send up a couple of well placed smoke signals, or email him HERE.