About The College TV Guide

The College TV Guide is the product of a semester long Multimedia Rhetorics project. While my peers created websites and videos dedicated to more serious topics, I decided to help college students watch TV. I tried my hand at explaining why this website actually matters, and if you haven’t yet I’d really love it if you checked that out.

The idea for The College TV Guide started innocently enough. I try to twist every project or assignment I receive into something I know or am passionate about. So I, obviously and obnoxiously, contorted this assignment so I could make The College TV Guide (An idea that had swirled around my head in some form or another for a little over a year). Everyone, including my teacher, knew exactly what I was up to, but instead of hitting the “veto” button, the powers that be kept a skeptical, watchful eye and allowed me to explore what this could be.

For that in particular, I am immensely grateful, and I hope now those watchful eyes are a little less skeptical. Okay, so at this point it should be pretty obvious I don’t know what to put in an “About” page, so I’m just going to map out the website, and give credit for pictures and statistics, and other housekeeping items. I’d personally recommend looking at the rest of this place, its a lot more interesting than what’s about to happen.

This site includes an admittedly ambitious amount of written content.

All of the “By The numbers” info-graphics were created by myself in Photoshop (*takes well-earned bow*). The information used is from data released publicly by the companies, Wikipedia lists of each outlet’s original content, and the survey I conducted earlier in the semester (More on that in a second.) All of the images and logos used in the info-graphics are the companies public logos that are available for press use.

The Podcast on the side bar was also made for my Multimedia Rhetorics class, and features interviews with Elon Sophomores Jake Stein, Peter Broderick, and Ross Pfortzheimer and the song “Greendale Is Where I Belong” by Ludwig Gorranson.

The Blog linked on the side bar menu is my own personal pop-culture blog entitled “Me+TV.” I think it’s pretty good, but what do I know? In the future, Me+TV and The College TV Guide should be considered sister sites, because I really, really like the official sound of that. You can learn more about that project HERE.

The survey cited frequently throughout this site was conducted in February. I shared a Google form and took the data so I could see what show’s my fellow college students enjoyed. I also asked how many shows the average students watched. The data is in no way perfect, but rather a small sample to help me give some data provide my argument. The survey had about 40 responses, from students all across the country.

All other images used in this site are either press images released by companies for public use,  or available through Google Image for commercial re-use.

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a treat. So here’s a compilation Chris Pratt outtakes from Parks And Recreation.