HBO BTNOVERVIEW: Launched last year, HBO Now is HBO’s standalone streaming service that offers the entirety of premium cable’s catalog for a monthly price, without a cable subscription.

PROS: HBO is home to some of the absolute best shows on TV, both on the air now and from TV season’s past. If you want access to the very best TV out there, HBO Now could be right for you. Plus, watching Game Of Thrones is a borderline prerequisite to being a college student these days.

CONS: At nearly $15 a month, HBO Now is pricey, especially in comparison to the other streaming options out there. Also, this service only offer HBO Original content and select movies, so the library isn’t as vast as it elsewhere. 

BOTTOM LINE: This one if all about Quality vs. Quantity. It’s hard to beat the award-winning options available on HBO Now, but the price and the limited number of available content is a definite downside.  

Before you make the plunge double check to see if your school provides HBO for students (A select, lucky few do). Also, be sure to ask if your family (or very generous friend) has an HBOGo subscription they’d let you use. Unlike most services, HBO doesn’t limit the amount of users on one account so sharing is a lot more feasible.

Ultimately, if you can afford it and want to consume the very best content out there, you can’t go wrong with HBO Now. But if you’re just looking to watch TV to relax during study breaks, I’d probably look elsewhere. 

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