Huly BTNOVERVIEW: Hulu, though a little more expensive than it’s rivals, is the up-and-comer in the streaming world, and looks ready to challenge Netflix for the streaming crown.

PROS: Hulu is the only service that offers next-day availability. That means you’ll be able to watch an episode literally the day after it airs instead of waiting for the whole season to be released (Which is how it works on Netflix and Amazon). Hulu’s catalog of original content, though not very impressive now, is on the rise. Plus, the service’s library of classic TV and current favorites is honestly second-to-none. 

CONS: As expansive as their TV library is, in terms of movies Hulu is almost embarrassingly bad. Also, though things look brighter in the future, Hulu is miles behind Amazon, Netflix, and HBO in terms of original content. The price is also high, there is a “with commercials” option for cheaper, but “with commercials” should honestly read “with 4 ads you’ll see over and over again and never be able to skip”

BOTTOM LINE: If you’re a movie person, this isn’t the service for you, but in terms of TV, Hulu is leading the pack. Speaking personally, I bought Hulu in January and have absolutely LOVED it. I hardly ever use my Netflix account anymore. Seriously, if you can invest the extra money, Hulu is more than worth it. 

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Brooklyn Nine Nine